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/// Sweetness of Salah

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19 Mar / 2013
Author: Gibran Ali Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0

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Do you ever find your mind wandering during your daily prayers? Are your prayers just a five minute break where even your heart calls you out for being fake? This is something many of us may struggle with frequently. Do you know how to really taste the sweetness of your daily prayers?

Join us for a beautiful workshop, “Sweetness of Salah: Developing Khushoo’ In Your Prayer” by Farhan Abdul Azeez. This workshop will delve into the seerah of Salah and then go through each stage of salah and lessons, reflections, and meanings of each stage. It will be an excellent reminder for all who attend, insha’Allah. The generations before us would enjoy their prayers. This class will go through how they dealt with their prayers, so insha’Allah we can do the same.

This class will be held at ISB on Friday March 22, 2013 and Saturday March 23, 2013.

To register for the class please go to this link :

View the class handout: SOS Handout

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